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Antislip Masterbatch

The product consists of abrasive particles with special additives embedded into a tough polymer backing. The reverse side is coated with a thick layer, covered by a removable protective liner. The product provides a durable, slip resistant surface for a large variety of applications. Antislip masterbatch is containing special additives in a PE carrier resins. This masterbatch is used to increase the coefficient of friction between films or sheets of polyethylene.

Mode of Action :
SIVA Antislip-Masterbatches roughen up the surface of films with not dispersed polymer particles to result in an anti-skid surface (This masterbatch creates a natural rough non-slip surface to films or sheets after production) Antislip effect is a great advantage to manufacturers of bags which provides a "rough" surface when used in polyolefin films/sacks. The film stays translucent; specs are deliberate.

Benefits of SIVA Antislip Master Batch:

  • It is designed for the manufacture of heavy duty bags with non-slip surface.
  • Improved stacking strength of heavy duty bags to prevent them from slipping off the pallets.
  • Wall isolating film application to prevent slip-off of the mortar.
  • Roofing stretch-sheets to improve the step safety.
  • Safe, slip resistant surface
  • Increased throughput
  • High Coefficient Friction.
  • Strong and very durable.
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent bond to most dry, clean, smooth surfaces