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Polymer Processing Aid

Sivathene PPA Masterbatches are based on fluoroelastomers. These masterbatches are specially engineered for improving the performance of blown films & other extrusion products in terms of optical properties, mechanical properties with reductions in the production cost. Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch are high performance masterbatches based on new generation fluoroelastomer used in polyolfins polymers. Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch are used in all type of extrusion like film, pipe, sheet and blown film.

The Benefits of Sivathene Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatch. :

  • Elimination of melt-fracture or sharkskin
  • Reduction of die build-up
  • Lower die pressure
  • Reduction in Gel Formation
  • Improved Clarity & reduction in hazen
  • Increased throughput
  • Low energy consumption
  • Faster start-up ,changeover & shutdown time
  • Significant reduction in processing temperatures
  • Improved product appearance and physical properties
  • Down gaging of the films
  • Effective Cost

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SIVA Polymer Processing Aid
Blown Film, Cast Film & Other Extrusion Products Like Pipes,Tubes & Profiles