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We Make Masterbatches with a difference.

Often, in an industry like ours, the reputation of the product and the category depends on the manufacturers. Their behavior and quality reflects upon the entire domain. The reason for this is that making the right masterbatches is the foundation of making the right plastic products. After all, the raw material is what truly determines the quality of the product to be produced!

That,s why, at JJ Plastalloy, we have strived harder maintain flawless quality and standards that always keep us a notch higher and a step ahead of the competition. We consistently create the finest masterbatches in the industries. Fueled by our aim to give our consumers the best, We have set up a research and Development (RnD) wing that delves into the depths of polymers and brings out the best in plastics and allied components.

We have also never put a lower or upper cap on order size because we have consciously decided that no order is to small. We take orders of all sizes, without any hassles or tantrums like other large companies. Plus we also customize our services to our customer's needs to give them exactly what they want!

In simple words, we have made every efforts to stand out of the horde and make a difference. Our Masterbatches are made with the finest technology and extensive research to bring out the best in every product that it's used for.

We Research. We Develop. We Create sometime new!

From a pen refill to arms and ammunition, we make masterbatches for nearly everything. This is what makes us a true champion in our industry. But the true heroes of this feat are the members of our RnD team which work tirelessly to create new formulations and come up with more cost effective procedures every day. All this is so that we can offer better quality and value to our customers.

With our team expertise and commitment we have come a long way. But there are still miles to go and new frontiers to conquer. From aviation industry to the rail industry; from Indian markets to markets abroad, the world is our stage and we intend to give a stunning performance every single time.

Our team uses the latest world-class equipment to ensure the finest quality and the highest degree of commitment to bring out the best in every product, no matter how small.

Ours is a team of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated technical people who have hands-on experience in different sector of plastics processing Industries. Latest machines with state of the art laboratory ensure consistent product to our customers. The lab is very equipped to conduct various R&D activities to innovative and value added products to the society.

List of Equpments

List of equpments