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Producing quality and cost effective items requires tremendous focus on research & development as well as, specialized testing facilities and infrastructure. JJ Plastalloy has always aimed to specialize in the manufacture and export of various thermoplastic compounds and masterbtches which are beings supplied word over.

Since 1995, JJ Plastalloy has delivered quality and maximum profitability product to each client. Ranging from pen refills to arms and ammunition, JJ Plastalloy produces master batches and compounds for all kinds of thermoplastic products.


environmental sustainability

JJ Plastalloy is totally committed for sustainability of the environment and carry out its entire activity in a very very responsible manner. We always try to minimize negative impact of our work environment.

Ours is a philosophy to use natural and renewable source of energy in our manufacturing facility. For this the company has installed Solar Power in its plant. It really helps the consumption of fossil fuels and minimize carbon foot print in our environment.

Across the world, water crisis is increasing and the fight for clean and safe water is going to get more aggressive over a period of time. Considering this global situation, JJ Plastalloy has tried to minimize usage of water. Not only this, entire water used in the facility is recycled and reused. It is our philosophy NOT to waste even a single drop of water. We use this recycled water in our production and other activities. The company has inhouse Treatment Plant to treat used water and further use it for various activities.

MASTERBATCHES manufacturing process


JJ Plastalloy and all its members are firmly committed to cater consistent products to customers at the right price. Our beliefs and commitments to deliver Quality, Cost and Delivery (QCD) to all our clients are very very high.

In order to meet our commitments towards QCD, very strictly we follow the practices of Good Manufacturing System (GMP), KAIZEN. These are not just a few words for us. These are the drivers that always keep each and everyone of us on our toes to improve continuously.
With continuous training, awareness and attention of our members, we continuously keep doing small improvements in our manufacturing process so as to meet our objectives towards QCD aspects.

Total Employee Involvement is something that channelizes our positive energy for continuous improvement. Continuous training, appraisal, award, reward, recognition and various other human philosophies keep everyone of us charged to deliver the overall objective of our organization, which is Customer Satisfaction.

Global leaders in Manufacturing & exporting Masterbatches

What makes us trustworthy to you?

JJ Plastalloy takes all the pride to export the most salutary thermoplastic compounds to various parts of India and Overseas. With years of research, we formulate thermoplastics and masterbatches that set the trend in offering efficiency and consistency . We believe in setting the parameters high! That’s why we leave no chance for errors. We rule the market by producing the most advanced products that meet all your needs. 

With the efficiency of producing more than 65,000 MT of thermoplastics, we are one of the leading exporters of masterbatches worldwide. Our quality products are shipped to more than thirty countries across the world. Once you establish a relationship, we assure you will never leave us. We guarantee you Thermoplastics that are made with Intense research.

Why choose us?

Although we offer you thousands of reason to choose us, yet you can trust us because we are:

  • Approved R&D Center by Government of India
  • Recognised Export House by Government of India
  • Strategically located manufacturing locations so as to cater all domestic and overseas customers

Govt. Recognised export house

  • ISO Certified 2004
  • ISO Certified 2008
  • ISO Certified 2009
  • ISO Certified 2007

Now that you know that we are a government recognized export house, we will never let your expectation down. We don’t believe in the size of the order. That’s we process every order with the same efforts to meet the highest level of market standards. So, whether you order in bulk or make a small, we are ready to serve you.

Management Team

global presence

JJ Plastalloy has always made his global presence strong. We manufacture and supply the most efficient thermoplastic and masterbatches in India and overseas. Our market expands to Russia, Japan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Columbia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Srilanka, Madagascar, UAE, Bahrain, Mozambique, Brazil, the U.S, and almost all the continents of the world.
With high capacity of manufacturing 65,000 metric tons of thermoplastics and masterbatches, we fulfill the requirements of all our clients worldwide. Further, with our strong global presence, we aim to offer the most efficient masterbatches at the best price. We are a government recognised exporter of masterbatches. And that’s what makes us forefront industry amongst our overseas clients. Our masterbatches add an essence to the plastics that it needs. It increases the colors and functionality to plastics that boosts the product design and development.

JJ Plastalloy Masterbatches Global Presence
  • Colombia,
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Guatemala
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Russia
  • UAE
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Srilanka
  • Madagascar
  • Mozambiqu


JJ Plastalloy has two big manufacturing units and five distribution facilities that help to fulfill the timely demands of all the clients. The Manufacturing units and all other units are interconnected with advanced ERP that helps to automate the process. We have advanced machines that save the cost and help you get advanced thermoplastics at most competitive rates. With massive warehouses, we store thermoplastics to meet the instant demands of clients. We also have in-house delivery vehicles that deliver you the requirements easily.

  • Interconnected facilities with ERP System
  • Top-rated machines
  • Warehouse
  • Maintain steady supply of materials
  • Tool rooms
  • In-house delivery vehicle
  • Skilled & vigilant manpower
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metric ton
annual installed capacity
MASTERBATCHES manufacturing process
Most efficient quality of Masterbatches

Our Values 

We, at JJ Plastalloy, aim to offer the most efficient quality of Masterbatches to all our clients. That is why we value the demand of our clients and fulfill them to the fullest. JJ Plastalloy commits to meet the highest standards of professionalism.  Small or large, we never believe in the size of the order. The only thing that we have focused on is customer satisfaction. So, we accept all orders and process it to meet the highest market standards.


JJ Plastalloy Masterbatches Award


Awards and certification

Though we believe our customer review is the best award for us, we are proud to acquaint you that we have been awarded the best plastic polymer brand by Economic times in 2020. We have also been certified as the safest brand to manufacture masterbatches by the Austrian Quality Management System. Further, we are also certified as a research Institution by the government of India. This helps us to develop and formulates thermoplastics that will create new limits in meeting efficiency.