Antiblock Masterbatch is a combination of special additives for efficient anti block and the special processing aid technology. Add this product to the plastic, on one hand can be formed on the surface layer of plastic is extremely thin film lubrication with maintaining smoothness.


Other hand can bump formed on the surface of a micro-shaped structure, which is very effective in reducing adhesion of plastic products without effect on the transparency of plastics products. Its role is mainly used in films and cap opening to maintain good performance.

It has been recommended for in PE, PP, PO blown film products, steam beads bags products. Blow molding, extrusion, injection moulding and casting processing.

Antiblock masterbatch reduces or eliminates blocking/sticking of polymeric films. Sivathene Anti block Masterbatches are based on synthetic silica which results in improved optical properties with tremendous antiblock properties.

Role of Antiblock Masterbatches

Thin polyolefin films are having tendency towards blocking to each other or surfaces of other materials. Opposite film faces are prone to adhere to each other or with other surfaces, which results in film blocking. This phenomenon is quite regnant during film winding operations. If not properly remedied, blocking causes severe handling problems during film unwinding and final packaging applications.


Incorporation of suggested dosage of Sivathene Antiblock Masterbatches into a film formulation confers a micro-rough surface to the film. This reduces or eliminates blocking without compromising the balance of physical, mechanical and optical properties of the film.


Typical advantages by using Sivathene Antiblock Masterbatches

  • 1

    Facilitates winding-up

  • 2

    Allows smooth unwinding and slitting of the reels Regulates the slip- and antistatic properties

  • 3

    Reduce friction between films

  • 4

    Increase output of packaging

  • 5

    lines Area of Applications


Sivathene Antiblock Masterbatches are recommended for all blown film, cast film & BOPP films.