Blow Films & Packaging

JJ Plastalloy is known as the most reliable partner of the flexible packaging & blow film industry. Here are some of the advantages we bring on the table.

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Our Flexible Packaging & blown film Advantage

JJ Plastalloy is known as the most reliable partner of the Flexible Packaging & Blown fm Industry. Here are some of the advantages that we bring to the table

No Colour Fading

The pigments we produce have a very high light-Vastness, ruling out the possibility of colour fading in your flms.

No Fisheye

Our processing is under strictly controlled conditions & we use specially designed anti-moisture, multi-layered heat sealant packaging to eliminate the possibility of fisheye in your products.

Contamination-free Facility

Our contamination-free facility guarantees impurity-free pigments & end-application suited heat stability.

Zero Bleed

Migration testing for each pigment ensures no migration, no bleeding, and no blooming.

Effective Corona Treatment

Our raw material is thoroughly tested for slippage of additives ensuring an effective corona treatment on your fIm surface.

Food-grade Certified

The rigorous barrier & permeation tests ensure that our products are not just food-grade certifed but also have the best balance of Whiteness, Opacity, Weatherability, Smoothness, and Dispersability.


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