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The plastics get its color and properties from the solid or liquid additive known as Masterbatch. The masterbatch which is composed of calcium carbonate, base resins and several plastic additives is known as Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch. This masterbatch exist in various forms like limestone, chalk, marble, calcite and in minerals like dolomite. For many years, calcium carbonate has been a useful mineral for the humans and various sectors. The most prominent industry to use calcium carbonate is the Filler Masterbatch Industry. This mineral has brought many profitable situations for the investors. It plays a crucial role in the making of filler masterbatch.

Fillers are added to the primary plastics in order to increase the volume of the final products. It helps in reducing production cost and improves product features like durability and toughness. Let’s read further to know more about the calcium carbonate masterbatch.

Due to its several advantages, the Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch is widely used in the industry. It is a mixture of carbonate powder and different additives, supported by chemical compound carrier resin.


The benefits of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch:

  • Reducing the cost of production
  • Increase productivity- Improves the condition of production and increases output.
  • Improve efficiency
  • Reducing the consumption of power
  • Improve thermal conductivity
  • Easy lamination and printing
  • Anti-blocking effect increased
  • Promotes clean and safe production. The production doesn’t harm the environment.
  • It increases the carbonate loading

Applications of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch:

  • Raffia for woven Fabric, Tarpaulin, FIBC
  • Used in preparing breathable films- Special characteristics are provided by calcium carbonate masterbatch that allows the films to breathe.
  • The filler is used of injection molding
  • Used as filler for non-woven
  • Used for extrusion of films, sheets and yarn

The Calcium Carbonate has to undergo a melting process with plastic substrate to create granules known as fillers. These masterbatch is used to produce films that are heat resistant and thick. These fillers are also involved in the production processes of PE and PE plastic. The masterbatch is also very helpful in manufacturing plastic products. So, it is widely used to produce spare parts, equipment, household products, etc.

The material or additive that is available in granular shape is known as Masterbatch. It not only helps in reducing the production costs but also improves the hardness and reduces shrinkage of the finished products. Due to various advantages, the Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch has many applications in many industries. The Calcium Carbonate Masterbatch brings value savings answer to plastic makers.