By Admin Posted Thu, 12/03/2020 - 08:11

How to identify the best quality of Color Masterbatches?

The market of color masterbatches is rapidly increasing in size and potential. So, this makes it even more tedious to determine the quality of masterbatches. Every buyer of masterbatches has a specific desire. But how can you identify that the color masterbatches that you are using are good or bad? So, if you are up for buying color masterbatches, this article will help you determine the finest quality of color masterbatches.

Dispersion of Color Masterbatches
If the masterbatches have an excellent color dispersion, that implies they are good quality of masterbatches. But, two elements determine the quality of color masterbatches. It includes Dyes and pigments. Dyes are usually soluble colorant, whereas pigments are dissolvable medium. But the pigments used in color masterbatches are aggregates/agglomerates of the particles. So, if these are broken into a precise size, you will get good color dispersion. And that would be ideal for color masterbatches.

Natural Transparency 
Transparency in color masterbatches is a special effect that is not offered by all the color masterbatches. The masterbatches with transparency look more attractive. But it looks even more convincing when a final product comes out. So, if you are buying color masterbatches, you must ensure that it has natural transparency.

It may be contradictory to transparency, but it is another crucial factor in determining masterbatches' quality. The organic pigment that doesn't include heavy metal is slightly weaker in providing opacity. So, if you are buying color masterbatches, you must ensure that it is offering your ideal opacity.

Highly stable and heat resistance
If you are buying color masterbatches, you must be concerned about one factor. And that it is highly stable. The molecular structure and chemical properties of masterbatches determine its stability and resistivity. So, you must make sure masterbatches with an excellent molecular structure for higher stability. And heat resistivity.

Wrapping up, this is how you can find the best quality of color masterbatches. If you are buying masterbatches, you must ensure it has high lightfastness. This will help you obtain the best quality of masterbatches.