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The solid or the liquid additive we use to color and impart other properties to the plastic materials is called Masterbatches. Firstly, the mixture of pigments and additives are heated and converted into carrier resin which again is cooled down and cut into granules. The plastics get the color and properties from masterbatches. As the solvent in the polymer of the masterbatches don’t evaporate easily, that is why they tend to have a longer shelf life.


  • White Masterbacth
  • Black Masterbatch
  • Additive Masterbatch
  • Color Masterbatch
  • Special Effect Masterbatch

Let’s read more to know the types of masterbatches in details.

  • WHITE MASTERBATCH: This kind of masterbatch can be used for lamination, coating, used as a protective films, molding, etc. They contain high quality outdoor and indoor Titanium dioxide (TiO2) grades. With the help of Titanium dioxide, reflection of light is possible due to the ability to scatter light.



  • They can be easily consolidated and have superior dispersion.
  • They are suitable for food items too.
  • Due to its quality, they can be used for blow molding and injection and practically every thermoplastic application.


  • BLACK MASTERBATCH: The black masterbatch manufacturer uses this masterbatch to impart properties like high jetness, UV protective layer and safe food contact. They can be used as protective films, molding and used as a sheet for PET.



  • They have superior dispersion
  • Acceptable for food contact
  • Durable and can face extreme weather conditions
  • Electro-static conductive grades


  • ADDITIVE MASTERBATCH: This masterbatch prevents the plastic from deterioration due to heat and harmful sun rays. It has fire resistant properties. It can also provide properties like easy lamination and light weight.



  • The material is used for packaging.
  • Suitable for consumer and automotive goods.
  • Used in building and construction work.
  • In agricultural activities.


  • COLOR MASTERBATCHES: They have the ability to bring a vast change in plastics and other applications. The color masterbatches have the ability to modify color, add value, and define form and function. From industries to household appliances, everyone relies on color masterbatches.


  • Makes the plastics visually appealing due to the color properties.
  • Adds shine and value to the items.



  • SPECIAL EFFECT MASTERBATCHES: Over the past few years, there is a huge growth of well finished plastic products. The level has increased when it comes to design and packaging. This has really helped in the growth of plastic industry.


  • Provides more advanced properties.
  • Makes the products better finished.


Due to the various advantages provided by masterbatches , they play a crucial role in imparting properties to the plastic items. The easy laminated property, easily color transferable, used in various sectors, food packaging, durable, etc are so much look forward to. The resistance to extreme weather conditions is one important required by every plastic company. The endless benefits of masterbatches have contributed to the plastic industry.

ARTICLE SUMMARY: The Masterbatchs are additive that is used to impart colors and properties to plastic materials. There are five Masterbatches- White, Black, Additive, Color and Special Effect Masterbatches. Due to the endless properties provided by these Mastermatches, they have really helped in the growth of plastics industry.