Injection Extrusion Moulding

JJ Plastalloy offers quick response solutions that address the need of Pipe & Extrusion sector. 

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Masterbatches for Injection Extrusion Moulding

Our Pipe & Extrusion Sector Advantage

JJ Plastalloy offers quick response solutions that address the needs of Pipe & Extrusion sector. Here are some of the advantages that we bring to the table:

Enhanced Productivity

Our masterbatches enhance productivity and product quality, particularly in the pipe & extrusion processes.

Superior & Fail—safe Products

Developed in accordance with the highest standards of professional, physical and chemical testing, our masterbatches ensure your products are superior & failesafe.

Maximum Profits

Precision driven manufacturing ensures very low grit content & impurities. This means your machines can operate at the highest efficiency maximizing your profits

Guaranteed Performance

Brittleness is a dangerous possibility in PE pipe—particles. The size of our raw material goes through rigorous controls to guarantee your product does not get brittle.

No Variations

We increase the accuracy of pigments to the highest levels ensuring there are no variations.


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