We specialize in the manufacture and export of various thermoplastic Compounds and masterbatches. We are now at the forefront of the industry with a yearly production output of 65,000 MT, exports made to over 30 countries and with quality products made out of intense research and latest technology. For us no order is small, we accept orders of all size...

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Masterbatches for Lamination Film

We specialize in the manufacture and export of various masterbatches developed for Lamination of Woven Sacks Bag and other products by applying the reinforcing properties of ultrafine Talc & carrier resin with higher M.F.I. to provide the better mechanical properties to film. Sivathene TPT09X is added along with the polymer to prevent the fibrillation of laminated production extrusion process. It can be used with both the PE & PP and its properties are showing excellent performance even in adverse conditions.


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