By Admin Posted Sat, 12/12/2020 - 12:28

We live in a world where it will be difficult to live without things that are made from plastics. They are deep rooted to our life. We are so dependent on plastics that without its use suddenly our life seems primitive. These plastic products get its colour and properties from Masterbatches.

Masterbatches are the solid or liquid additive that is used to color plastics (colour Masterbatches) or imparting other properties to plastics (Additive Masterbatches). Firstly, the mixture of pigments and additives are heated and converted into carrier resin which again is cooled down and cut into granules. The various types of masterbatches are the following:


FILLER MASTERBATCHES: These are exclusively used in the production of woven sacks, blow molding and many more applications. The properties are not compromised even though the cost is reduced.

ADDITIVE MASTERBATCHES: These masterbatches is targeted for a vast range of applications. The ability of masterbatches to achieve desired properties at cost effective rate is another advantage over other powdered sediments.  

BLACK MASTERBATCHES: They are available with high jetness and easy processability. The black masterbatches are suitable for films, pipes, fibers, tapes, roto moulding, injection/blow moulding & many more application. They have high UV stability, safe food contact and customized according to the requirement accordingly.

WHITE MASTERBATCHES: These Masterbatches provide benefits and advantages for various applications. They are available in standard and high quality material.

COLOR MASTERBATCHES: These masterbatch is used in the process of coloring plastic. We can achieve the desired color by mixing various additives. These masterbatches help in making the product stand out because of the visual appeal.

Let’s summarize the benefits of Masterbatches in the following:

  • The masterbatches are extremely cost effective.
  • They help the plastic manufacturing companies in coloring the polymers which saves a lot of money, time and energy.
  • The manufacturing follows a dirt free and healthy production. It saves us from the health risks involved in other manufacturing productions.
  • Minimization of waste produced during the production.
  • They are easy to use.
  • The desired color for the plastics products can be easily achieved.
  • Complete safety is involved.

Masterbatch is an important part of our day-to-day life. The plastics we use on a daily basis get its color from Masterbatches. These masterbatches includes excessive chemistry ingredient, carrier resin and dispersants. They provide stability and durability to the plastic products. The color masterbatches help in proving the desired color and making it visually appealing.