Polyester Yarn & Fibers

Polyester Yarn (POY & FDY) and Polyester Fiber (PSF)

JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd offers extensive range of fiber goods PET based Black Masterbatch. These products have been specifically designed for POY/ FDY/ PSF/ BCF applications. Our PET Masterbatches loaded with up to 32% high quality ultra-fine carbon black offer excellent jetness, good filterability, high spinnability and outstanding weathering properties . We provide high customized grades to comprehensively meet our customers requirements.


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PET Fiber for Black Masterbatch

Advantages of Polyester Black Masterbatches

  • Excellent filterability
  • Excellent Jetness
  • High spinnability
  • Very low FPV of product resulting in increase screen pack life and no fiber breakage
  • Excellent compatibility with base polymer
  • Excellent granule quality in terms of surface glass, smoothness & CPG


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