Woven Fabric / Raffia

JJ Plastalloy is the leading supplier for Raffia industry and we offer a full range of products at competitive prices.

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Masterbatches for PP Raffia Bags


JJ Plastalloy is a leading supplier for the Woven Fabric / Raffia industry and we offer a full range of products at competitive prices Here are some of the advantages that we bring to the table


We fulfill all the requirements of the Woven Fabric / Raffia sector like Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, and Additive Masterbatches.

High Profits and Savings

Our Calcium Carbonate masterbatches can be loaded to very high ratios, so you save costs and maximize profits


Our special dispersion additives ensure each particle of calcium carbonate is coated with a polymer. This means no more dust in your plant.

Near-Zero Abrasions

Our super-fine calcium carbonate makes masterbatches with a smooth finish so your machines experience near-zero abrasion

Universal Grades

We supply universal grade masterbatches for 400 - 1500 denier fabrics without the hassle of stocking up separate inventories.

No Tape Breakages & Water Lifting

The coating on the low silica calcium ensures no tape breakages or water lifting during processing of your products.

Perfect Products

The fine particle-size of our calcium carbonate ensures perfect mechanical properties resulting in the desired tensile strength of your product.


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