Plastics are sensitive to degradation by UV light and must be therefore protected when exposed to solar radiation. The extent and rate of this degradation is influenced by various parameters such as, for example, climatic conditions, and thickness of the part, polymer type or the presence of other additives.


JJ Plastalloy offers a wide range of UV stabilisers masterbatches.These cover applications in agriculture, industrial and food packaging, polymers such as PE, PP, EVA, PLA and range from standard grades to highly performing stabilizer packages based on the latest generation of HALS stabilizers. The expertise developed by JJ Plastalloy in this field allows us to provide you Taylor-made and cost-effective masterbatch solutions to your particular needs.

In order to limit or postpone the onset of degradation, several types of UV protection can be added to the polymer. The most important ways of UV protection are with: 1. UV Absorption. 2.UV Stabilization


  • 1

    Improved the stabilization of product.

  • 2

    As addition to plastic products to help them resist breakdown when they are used outdoors.

  • 3

    To prevents of Loss of strength, stiffness or flexibility of product

  • 4

    To prevent Discoloration and loss of gloss of product

  • 5

    Support maximum polymer protection against UV degradation and long-term heat exposure

  • 6

    Long Life & Superior Strength

  • 7

    No adverse effect and Property

  • 8

    It is used to resistance of pesticide in Agriculture application

  • 9

    Chemical resistant & Light tranmittent

  • 10

    It is contributor to plant protection, growth, and productivity

  • 11

    Superior Strength

  • 12

    Light Transmission


UV Masterbatches protects the polymers against UV-degradation, avoid discolouration and improves the processibility. UV Stabilizer Masterbatches do not absorb the harmful UV radiations, thus assures excellent performance and stabilized the mechanical properties and elongation. It also avoids crazing and chalking effect. Perfect for the jumbo bags, irrigation films, rotomoulding items etc. Shivacomp UV MB is use in plastics for UV resistant by adding UV to provide the better thermal stability & Weatherability properties. Due to attractive gloss and high Weatherability properties are showing excellent performance even in adverse conditions.