We are one of the premier filler masterbatch manufacturers in India offering consistent and high-quality calcium carbonate masterbatches at the best prices. There are various grades based on the processing method like Raffia, Blown Film, Non Woven, Blow Moulding and Others. As a leading Filler Masterbatch Manufacturer, we have an entire range of Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches suitable for every customer's requirments. Every products has been designed and developed after much R&D. Efforts and getting practical feedbacks from the actual users. We at JJ Plastalloy always work towards delivering the finest quality of products as a Filler Masterbatch Manufacturer. Hence you can very much be assured about the performance, consistency, quality and economics of our products. Ultimately it has to be a win win situation for both of us. All these products are tried, tested and very much approved by our valued customer present globally. With rigorous testing, all Sivathene Masterbatches are guaranteed in quality. Sivathene Calcium Carbonate Not only acts as a cost reducing agent, But it provides improvements in various mechanical, aesthetic and other properties of the artical.

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Since all yellow products cannot be Gold and are different, hence all white Granules are also different in nature. One product fits all doses not suit here. As a Filler Masterbatch Manufacturer, we at JJ Plastalloy Pvt Ltd have developed very tailor made Calcium Carbonate Masterbatches for every application and every customers need.




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